2020/06/10 12:00


XX TYPEに使用される14.7oz(洗い前)の生地は、タテ糸は染色濃度の高いムラ糸を使用しテンションを甘くし、ヨコ糸は本数を増やすことにより強いザラ感が生まれ、この生地の特徴でもある凹凸のある点落ちを表現します。

"AGING" that is the feature of Denime is expressed by fabrics made from specially customized looms and sewing of sewing machines with fine adjustments.
And also it is expressed by the lifestyle.

The denim fabric for used for "XX TYPE"  expresses rugged x powerful discoloration.
The warp yarns have a high dyeing density, and the weft yarns increase the number to create a strong unevenness.

66 TYPEに使用される13.0oz(洗い前)の生地は、タテとヨコのムラ糸のテンションをこの生地特有の絶妙なバランスで調整することにより程よいザラ感が生まれ、この生地の特徴でもあるデニム本来の青みを表現します。

The denim fabric for used for "66 TYPE"  expresses bluish x elegant discoloration.
By adjusting the tension of the warp and the weft with an exquisite balance, a moderate unevenness is created.


And they have fluff to express three-dimensional discoloration and strong contrast.


The presence or absence of fluff expresses "AGING".
Your lifestyle makes the denim pants the only one in the world.