2020/10/29 17:00

About how to buy from outside of japan

First,Please select the English conversion and currency conversion buttons at the bottom of the ONLINE SHOP.

Open the product page you want to purchase and select "Variety"and"Quantity".
If you wish, please choose your favorite hem length from "裾上げ -hemming-".
If you don't want hemming, choose "None".
If there isn’t the right hem length that you are looking for, please fill in the remarks column on the purchase page.
We are very sorry, but you cannot use the "依頼シート同梱 = request sheet".
If you want to hemming RIGID,we will add the reduction ratio and cut hem.
Please consider the expected hem length after the fully shrinkage process.
In addition, we do not recommend using a dryer for our products.
It may shrink excessively, so please dry it naturally.
Basically, we will discard the denim fabric of the cut part.
If you need the denim fabric of the cut part, please fill in the remarks column on the purchase page.
In addition, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after hemming.

Please check the shipping fee at the bottom of the wording on the product page.
Basically,We will ship by EMS.
However, there are some areas where shipments by EMS have been suspended.
In that case, we will be using DHL/FedEx with no additional shipping fees.

At the end, please select your preferred payment methods and complete the payment in order to process the shipment.
Please understand that we do not accept exchanges.
However, if the received product is defective, we will replace it with a new one or an equivalent one.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
We hope to receive an order from you soon.